Our Teaching Staff

All our teachers are qualified to ASA level 1, 2 or 3 standard, or STA level 2. We also train our assistants up to be able to teach before we send them onto take their level 1 qualification.

Amongst our assistants we also have several qualified RLSS lifeguards.

All staff are CRB/DBS checked through the ASA and all are fully insured through our own comprehensive insurance.

Our senior teachers act as mentors to ensure staff are always improving and learning ( none of us are above learning new skills)

On this page we will attempt to introduce you to each of our teaching staff and explain their individual experience and qualifications’



This is me! I am the owner and founder of Fins Swim School. My experience as both a competitive swimmer and a teacher for local authority lessons is what made me want to set up my own swim school. I hated local authority lessons, the numbers were too many and I really felt for those children who were fearful, I couldn’t give them the time they needed to give them the confidence to give it a go. We worked with no assistant and had to teach on the side ( due to the numbers). I have been teaching now for over 20 years. I am a successful age group and masters competitive swimmer, (that is me on the front cover of the swimming times featured on our home page!) and have been swimming since I was 18 months old! I have also been assistant coach at several swimming clubs in the area ( although I never took my level 3 coaches). It was my crazy idea to set up Fins Mermaid School!

my qualifications include ASA level 2 swimming teacher, Birthlight baby and toddler teacher, level 2, level 2 aqua ETM instructor, certified in zumba, aqua zumba as well as zumba kids,, and Im also certified for Aqua pole!  I also have an NVQ3 in health and social care for children and young people. I am always looking to learn more and am currently deciding on what I would next like to become qualified in.



Joy has also come from a swimming background, indeed we often competed against each other as our favourite discipline is backstroke! Joy has been teaching as long as I have ( we qualified as teachers in the same year) and is also an ASA level 2 teacher. Joy has taught for many years at the local leisure centre and decided to join us 3 years ago. She is also qualified to teach disability swimmers.

Joy is in charge of training all new assistants and also acts as mentor to newly qualified teachers.



Ashleigh is a successful age group and club swimmer and has represented the region in national championships so she is a very accomplished swimmer in her own right. She is an ASA level 2 qualified teacher and has a lot of technical knowledge due to her own swimming experience. I have known Ashleigh since she learned to swim and have watched her blossom into the teacher she is today. Ashleigh has been with the swim school for 5 years.



Rob has been with the swim school since we first started at Pontins he is STA level 2 qualified and is also a fully trained RLSS lifeguard trainer and assessor, he also has experience working with challenging and disabled children.

Rob is in charge of our Rookie programme and also mentors our assistants and teachers.

Children like Rob as he is a little bit crazy!



Paul is an ex Welsh international swimmer and is a level 3 teacher and swimming coach. He has coached children onto success at various clubs including Rhyl, Ruthin, Holywell, Flint and Swansea.

Paul takes our adult 1-1’s and athletes looking to improve their stroke technique, He runs the adult swim fitness sessions.



Adam is our gentle giant, I have known him since he was 7 years old when I taught him myself at Holywell in their link group. Although he is very quiet and reserved, Adam has a good sound knowledge of swimming as he too was a club swimmer. He is a qualified ASA level 2 teacher. Adams calm nature makes him ideal for nervous children starting out in lessons



Janica joined the team 2 years ago as an ASA level 1 teacher, but has since taken her ASA level 2. Janica has a unique imagination when it comes to teaching the children and is a great asset to the school. Janica is my 2nd in command for Mermaid School



Dionne has swum with Rhyl swimming club and is one of my original teachers, she started as an assistant and has learned her skills through our own teaching/ mentor programme. She is an ASA level 1 teacher and is also experienced in teaching children with challenging behaviours and disability. Dionne is looking to take her ASA level 2 this year, work permitting.

Dionne also holds a current RLSS lifeguard qualification



Jess is a qualified RLSS lifeguard and is an ASA level 1 teacher. She has been with the swim school for 4 years now and has been mentored by both Joy and myself before going on to take her teachers qualification. Jess is also looking into taking her ASA level 2 this year.

Jess is also my wing man for aqua zumba and is a certified zumba/ aqua zumba instructor.



Dave came to us looking for experience in teaching a variety of abilities, as he currently coaches at a local swimming club which obviously only caters for more experienced swimmers. He is an ASA level 1 teacher, ASA Level 2 coach and a Dragon Sports coach. Dave is working towards his Level 2 teachers award.



Kim is our newest recruit to the teaching staff. She is ASA level 2 qualified and is also a qualified RLSS lifeguard.


Our assistants who work with us are:

Charlee Hammans

Jacob Evans

Dan Meehan

Rebecca Williams

Rohan Daliwal

Jason Stockin

Serena Shawe

Masey Chaney