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At Fins Mermaid School, little girls ( and boys) can really become a mermaid, wearing a special mermaid tail that enables them to swim like a real mermaid.

Courses are run over 6 weeks and we teach participants how to use the tails in a safe controlled environment.

Wearing a mermaid tail isn’t quite as simple as putting one on and swimming. We ask that anyone interested in trying this activity is able to swim at least 25m confidently. It is not recommended for non/ weak swimmers.

We will teach your little mermaid/ man how to put on the tail safely, how to stand up/ right themselves in the water safely, and initially teach basic movements required in order to use the tail without injury to themselves and others. We work slowly so that they build up the strength to use the tail properly ( it’s a great way to work those abs and core muscles). And we have plenty of teachers in the water to make sure no one struggles or gets into danger.

Camera Ref_58F4903 __ Paul KayWe also teach breathing techniques, underwater techniques ( shallow and deep water), as well as playing mermaid games and learning simple synchro routines as mermaids progress from novice to more experienced.

This year, as well as mermaid school we have introduced MERMAID POOL PARTIES, These have been very successful and you can either hold your party in our own pool at Greenacres, or if you can hire your own pool, then we can come to you ( provided it’s not too far away!)

We have also been arranging all components to put together a MERMAID EXPERIENCE, 2 hours in the pool (Greenacres) that will include how to swim like a mermaid tuition, an underwater photo shoot ( photos from this will be available for an extra cost) and a dry side ‘dress up’ photograph. We can cater for adults and children so could be ideal for a special birthday celebration, or even a hen party!

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We can supply mermaid tails for both children and adults. The tails are chlorine resistant and come in various colours.

Children’s tails are £63 and Missy/ Adult tails are £70, postage and packing is £5

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To make sure you order the correct size, please contact me with waist measurements and leg length ( from waist to ankle)

(price includes both tail and monofin)