Baby Swimming with Lesley

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I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer baby and toddler swimming classes after having recently completed my diploma in baby and toddler swimming.

Birthlight baby swimming is different to other baby classes in that we adopt the basic principles of yoga. It is our aim to help both parent and baby relax and enjoy the movements of swimming together in the aquatic environment, forming bonds and building relationships of trust so that baby can develop  and move happily into exploring his aquatic world.

We submerge babies in a gentle and controlled way, working with baby’s natural reflexes to encourage them to explore this new aquatic environment.

Classes will be held at our Greenacres pool Monday and Tuesday mornings and we will be offering classes for ages from 8 weeks up to 3 years


Monday: 11-11.30am = age 8 weeks to 6 months. 11.30am – 12pm = age 6 months  – 12 months

Tuesday: 10 – 10.30am = age 12 months – 20 months . 10.30 – 11am = 20 months – 3+