Welcome To Fins Swim School

We offer the sort of swimming lessons here at Fins Swim School, that most of us wish we’d had when we were younger. Small classes and our unique approach to teaching ensure success right from the start with water confidence and water safety a priority.

We believe correct technique should be encouraged throughout the levels and we set high standards for all our pupils. Swimming, when taught correctly can develop good motor skills, agility, balance, co-ordination, strength and fitness and will help your child succeed in any other sporting activities. As well as being a life skill, learning to swim can be a life saver, which will offer peace of mind to you as a parent.

At Fins Swim School we use the ASA swim awards scheme, children are tested every 10th week so both you and your child can see their progress. Little ones start at Ducklings level learning the basics of water confidence through play. Our teachers encourage your child to ENJOY the water so that swimming should come easier later on, after all, if they are having fun they are going to want to come back!

After the Duckling awards, children move onto a variety of Water Skills awards interspersed with various other awards. distance swims, stroke distance ( where correct technique is most important) personal survival, challenges and ROOKIE lifeguard awards. This gives your child plenty of variety keeps them interested in an activity that will give them pleasure hopefully for life.

Our swimming lessons run all year round, we only break for Christmas or if the pool is closed for maintenance. We even teach on bank holidays!flip seah transp